Frequently Asked Questions
Am I now being required to submit my fringe benefit forms and payment electronically?
Effective September 1, 2013, you will be required to submit fringe benefit forms and payment electronically.
What is the benefit to using this new submission method?
Based on other employer’s feedback, this system saves their staff time and helps prevent computational errors as well as ensuring there are no fringe benefit rate issues.
When are my fringe benefit contributions due?
Contributions are due on the 20th of the month following the month in which the work was performed. If contributions are not received by the depository bank, in a timely manner, you will be subject to late payment assessments. Late payments may also adversely affect your employee’s eligibility in various Benefit Plans. Please refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement regarding other stipulations, which will be enforced if you are delinquent.
What happens if I do not pay my benefits?
A Delinquency Letter is sent to the Employer. The Fund Collector monitors delinquencies on a daily basis. The Union Local and Legal Counsel are notified on a monthly basis of any delinquencies. If delinquency continues the matter is referred to Legal Counsel for further collection efforts.
I just finished a report and found an error. How do I delete this transaction once I have finalized it?
If you have already hit the “Finalize Report” button and transmitted your form electronically, call the Fringe Benefit Office and give them the invoice number off of the report so it can be voided and you can submit a new report.
Do I have to wait until my report is voided before I put through a corrected one?
No, you may go ahead and reload a new corrected file for the same work month. It is important that you follow through and make sure your original has been voided.
I am a new contractor and I want to submit my report. How do I get started?
Contract the Fringe Benefit Office for further directions. You must have a signed Collective Bargaining Agreement with Local 513 and the Fringe Benefit Office must have a copy of that agreement before you can be set up as a contributing employer. You will not be able to submit forms without a valid agreement.